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* chanel. [entries|friends|calendar]
* chanel.

I make boys tickle their cocks in the back row at church.
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hello? [29 Nov 2007|10:02pm]
A year later, anyone still here? lol.
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* Friends Only. [05 Oct 2005|02:30pm]

I am the bitch that pissed you off. I am the intellect that intimidates your own intelligence. I am the asshole that ruined your day. I am the one that kisses your soul with my thoughts. I am crass. I am loved. I am mostly disliked. I am picking your boogers. I am carefree. I am the one that closes the elevator door just when you say "hold it!!!". I am the one that took the last shirt in your size. I am silly. I am his soul mate. I am mentally twisted. I am addicted to nosespray. I am goofy. I am flirtatious. I am teasing. I am an owner of big hard nipples. I am mean. I am a pessimist. I am orally fixated. I am a graphic designer. I am a pee eye em pee. I am a seductive dancer. I am infectious with my words. I am motivational. I am a fat girthy cock lover. I am a titty squeezer. I am inspiring. I am your sex symbol. I am raunchy. I am vulgar. I am chunky. I am a sweetheart to those that deserve it. I am a jerk to most. I am a kiss whore. I am not a cam whore. I am hood. I am a fighter. I am daring. I am an ass smacker. I am that piece of shit that just won't flush. I am snug & wet in my fat pussy. I am that bitch that you love to hate. I am your fingerpop.

Pop me bitch.

Add me first, then I'll add you back.
Otherwise, you will not be added.
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